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Profound Information provides simple and best value Visual Web PageBuilder and Business Application solution. Through many years of experience, we provides trustworthy Industry Insight on various business process application, Human Resources, Property, Infrastructure Security and Cloud Infrastructure Disaster Recovery, Information Technology Data and System Security, with successful proven track record to give profound impact that empower and transform people and organisation in Kuching,Sarawak, Malaysia. As organisation grows, there is a need to expand organisation exponentially in this society, touch every individual by gathering leads and building your social following, therefore, a search for a true framework for building website, which makes it possible to design beautiful websites, without ever touching a single line of code, utilizing the world most popular and ultimate WordPress theme, Divi Visual Responsive PageBuilder all in one marketing automation, which will change the way you build websites forever.



We are here to address your painstaking process in this segment of industry, which includes best value business application solution, DiVI visual web pagebuilder all in one marketing automation platform,

human resources, property management, IT Data infrastructure and system security, cloud backup and DR


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ProfoundInformation blogs alliance of D-xpert Dotcom Sdn Bhd, a company with more than 14 years of establishment and has undergone different stages of development that resulted in the creation of sustainable synergy with strong alliances, who built revolutionary productivity business software applications on top of high speed resilient cloud infrastructure.

Value Visual Builder  and Business Application Solution

Enterprise Business Process and Resources Management Mobile App

Are you ready for Industry 4.0? How business innovate, sustain and be profitable in this new era of complex civilisation? The high consumerisation of content by people, consumer and business partner has pushed technology to the edge with great demand of speed of access, highly customised content and criteria of access, ie. online or offline. Discover how mobile device, with the next frontier of business process mobile app platform impact organization’s performance goals.


Divi Visual Web PageBuilder All in One Digital Marketing Plateform Automation used by more than 576,000 users!!

To survive in a true competitive digital edge era, it is advantage to have Divi Visual web pagebuilder, an efficient outstanding web visual editor offers the best in design flexibility & efficiency, accurate and sharp design content elements, feature with real time design – view web design output instantly Besides, the Divi visual web pagebuilder is created with amazing fast loading speed, one of top important consideration in website design. The Divi Visual web pagebuilder plateform has been audited and secured by one of the prominent web security company. Besides, the well-structured program of the Divi visual pagebuilder gives a true smooth user experience, inline editing content and the support experience is true responsive online, is clearly helpful in website design. Speed up your web design process with drag and drop web elements that easily organize your content from a bird’s eye view, plus with 850+ premium stylist designer’s pre-made layout page that comes with the visual webpage builder, and website can be created and published instantly the same time!!!   It comes adaptability with all important function such as marketing email deliverer, eCommerce and social sharing.


Top Function Human Resources Management System

This cost effective Human Resources Management Software application has been built from scratch, to serve various industries to specific niche industries, successfully designed based on “hand on experience” and the practical approaches in real environment of business processes from the breath of range of industry, with more than 1500 successful track records.



Keypoint Property and Construction ERP System App

More than 600 track records in portfolio consisting of construction, property development, property management for high rise condominium, building, retail and commercial complex environment.



Cloud Infrastructure Backup with Disaster Recovery

One of the most flexible and affordable Cloud Infrastructure backup and disaster recovery services, which feature one price with unlimited software technology to mitigate risk of system failure thru flawless backup, replication for different levels of recovery inclusive of true provider for cloud disaster recovery services in Malaysia.



Data & Infrastructure Security

The visibility of the whole network is the foundation of secured infrastructure. Our concept of data & network security is defined through four fundamental points, which is the anchor core of our strategy. The few major fundamental points are: Security Visibility, Real-Time Detection & Rapid Response, Simplified Security (Operation & Maintenance) and L7 High-Performance. 

We believe security should be simple, easy to understand, and to deploy.


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Our basic humanity value that feature openness and trustworthy align the organization that engage with us to an unprecedented level of collaboration and truly improved and optimized business process flow.


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We Believe that Your Experience Begins Before You Even Download the App and Even When You Aren’t Using It.  Our Job is to Connect The Different Ways You Experience Our Brand through Technology.



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Listen to client challenges. Provide insight and functionalities.


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Define the business processes requirement and business objective. Conduct data migration and system prepareration.



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Check data migration and system preparation. Configure business process requirement in application.Test Run. Receiving feedback.


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Develop app. Provide effective hand-on training. Review objective, analysed output, acceptance and fine tuning.


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Thru many years of discovery, we take courage to be in the situation, where challenges emerged, and by fundamental logic utilizing technology, drive relevant changes that impact life

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"Sage Easypay is easy, effective and accurate database access to staff cost, which cover all aspects to the hierarchy of organisation. I felt like I am part of the software organisation that had my interests at heart..”

Shahrom – HR Executive, Pelita Group


"Thank you, for your fast and awesome responsive support!! Absolutely great knowledge resources, amazing HR software, it has saved me great time from at least a dozen of manual payroll repetitive task."

Fiona – Finance, Magna Focus

"Employee self service portal truly automated our HR task and lighten our work burden!!, I can honestly say that you are one vendor who are always there, you are just as eager to help. We really appreciate your support... you are just amazing!!!

Vee – HR Exec, PPKS

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We are an organisation revitalised the way of life, transforming the experience thru fundamental knowledge value, leveraging in technology, in creating a greater and new image of society.   

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Joseph loi

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All our solution is back up by many years of experience support consultants, who has been in the company for more than 10 years. Best of all we provide response to “how to” posted by client who has engaged with us.

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We love what we do and to serve you is our delight. Our team of consultants helps to provide knowledge and commitment, which our company is built on, strong experience couple with strong technology foundation.

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