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Save and Build your Retirement Income now

Save and Build your Retirement Income now

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What we are doing with our action today such as our habits, our procession, our money savings, our financial planning, and the ways we multiply our money, will greatly impact us and our existence in term of the power to consume in the next few decades of our life together with our future line of succession in the next generation.

Being an engaging and a passionate next generation contemporary finance technology blogger, with my humble knowledge and experience in Finance & Economics, I welcome you and THANK you for being here on this page Profound Information money senses, the concept of financial planning and financial independent retire early (F.I.R.E) with the proven record of the projected income, paring with regular money withdrawal plan, blending with a powerful Action plan couple with the knowledge on multiple asset classes in Trust composition, and management.

Finally, I urged you to step up courageously to witness the proven financial platform that ultimately will change your life and will elevate you to a new transformed way of life and the next level of early retirement financial income.

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Public Mutual Bhd, a more than 40years of establishment, a company subsidiary of Public Bank with a more than 100Billion asset under management company remain “top of the brand”, and also has won 546 trust funds awards up to date with winnings such as the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Platinum Award for 13 consecutive years (after winning the Gold award from 2006 – 2009) as well as the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2023, is an affirmation of our strong brand presence.


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My Personal Objective and Mission

It is my great privilege to assist and empower this generation of people whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 of age, with especially the great gen Y and generation of the millennial in Malaysia.

Coming to a realization of the important of the availability and the adequacy of retirement savings and the concept of time value of money, perhaps maybe the Most valuable treasure, one has ever discovered.

My deepest heart felt sincerity goes all out to share with you the greatest financial success platform, which leveraging on awakening a “new self” within you, in cultivating a totally renew ways and habits in the concept of financial independent, early retire with income and money management combining the trust fund management outstanding track record with state of the art finance technology web app platform, which will leads you in achieving the desired purpose of life and reaching your financial targets destinations as well.


Have you ever think how COVID19 pandemic has thought us about money savings,  Find out the staggering statistic in Malaysia and how it impacts our way of life forever!

What do I desire?

No matter what financial needs one desire, the fundamental ways to reach your financial destination is one of the most sought questions!

What are the ingredients towards a successful finance life journey?


Financial Target

good-financial-plan-management-private-retirement-early-retirement-income-ways-to-multiply-money-savings-high-growth-trust-fund-returns-in-kuching-sarawak-kuala-lumpur-kota kinabalu-malaysia

Most desirable?

  • dream house 98% 98%
  • owning your dream car 100% 100%
  • dream vacation 70% 70%
  • leave a legacy of wealth 99% 99%
  • best children education 88% 88%
  • retirement passive income 100% 100%

There’s a Right Financial Needs For Everyone

In time of uncertainty, the present economic sentiment may cause a high level of fear and insecurity. Many people has started reflecting their financial health, how to sustain their life in present time. Anyone will wish to have a contingency plan for their finance in such a time. Do you already have a “Emergency Plan B” long established in yourself?


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Intelligent people make decisions based on opportunity costs..

Charlie Munger


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