Best Ways to Have a Higher Rate of Returns to Increase, Multiply and Double Money Savings in a Shorter Period

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Fascinated by the world of unimaginable wealth and living a lifestyle that one ever dreams, travelling to the most search destinations in the world, those are life that are captivating and fulfilling experiences that stretches our life to the fullest… have you ever wonder how such lifestyles is sustained? Obviously, it will involve some extraordinary money senses that will greatly determine how a person spends the money and multiply money, preserves the power of money overtime.

Realizing that achieving financial success is something that many people would want to have, and it is completely normal to ponder on the methodology, it’s time for you to take advantage of access to important profound information on finances matter, regardless of where ever you are, in Kuching, Miri, Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Sarawak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, Johor Baharu, Malaysia, to multiply and double up your money savings through a break-thru, proven Securities Commission Malaysia approved, a simple license investment platform that gives a higher rate of returns from your money savings.

Investing Into the Future

How incorporating sustainability considerations may impact investments and what are the growth potential of these companies, which are socially and environmentally responsible, in many years into the future?  Are the companies that have lower levels of carbon emissions with efficient carbon footprints and which are part of global Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) program, in sectors of technology, healthcare and consumer well-positioned for earnings growth?

Ride On The Wave and Opportunity Now

How can you able to participate in the global ESG and sustainability investment, at the lowest cost of capital but potentially to yield great returns into the future? Want to know more…

Have this thought ever cross your mind, how simple a wealth is created, if you have the proper financial planning information together with the culture of sustenance, new habits formed and a practical concept of present and future value of money, a sound finance technology platform, you are heading towards a great beginning! Let me introduce a new friend – inflation!, who will journey with us in our financial journey, then I will also share another powerful friend – “compounding” who will show us insight, how power of computing can impact our increment rate of returns from our money savings.

Let’s head on…


The important of habit of savings cannot be under mind, once the habits have been built and firm up, one of the silent enemy in accumulating money savings or a pool of money for retirement or different financial targets or goal such as education savings is inflation. What does inflation mean for normal people? Usually simply, higher prices…

Most easy to understand, inflation is the rise in prices you will pay for goods and services. You may have to spend more to get the same things. In real life scenario, the cost of education for children can be painstaking higher taking consideration of inflation and unavoidable whether you are low- and middle-income group, when you are preparing your children education savings for 8-15years into the future, while taking much efforts and sacrifices! Adding to the complexity, you can expect to pay more due to the participation of inflation! How much is education inflation forecast, discover below…


Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia data shows that in the year 2019, over 70,000 Malaysian students were studying in university abroad.


Most of them were in university in the UK and Ireland, followed by Taiwan, Australia, Egypt and Indonesia. Some went to other popular destinations, which includes New Zealand and Japan.

Source: The Edge Markets Malaysia

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The tuition fees and living costs are different depending on which country you want your child to receive knowledge and he or she envision to be passionate with. What is the future value of education savings required 10years from today, based on the estimate cost of 3years general degree program studying in private tertiary university in Malaysia and in United Kingdom with an estimate education inflation rate of 3%? Want to find out how much you truly need to save monthly and multiply it at a higher rate of return of 8% to accumulate enough money for your child’s education cost.

Let’s me illustrate below…

Study at Local University

cost OF 3years general degree program = RM 180,000

Assume Estimate Annual Inflation of 3%

What is the expected local education cost, 10years from now, anticipating inflation?

Want to guess The monthly amount needed to save & invest for the next 10years** to reach saving target?

Find out

**assuming a higher annual rate of return of 8%

Study at Local University

Cost of 3years general degree program = RM 180,000

Estimate Annual Inflation of 3%


RM 241,904


RM 1,322

Study at University in UK

cost of 3years general degree program = GBP 120,000 (*RM 696,000)

Assume Estimate Annual Inflation of 3%

What is the expected UK education cost, 10years from now, anticipating inflation?

want to guess The monthly amount needed to save & invest for the next 10years** to reach saving target?

Find out

**assuming a higher annual rate of return of 8%

*exch rate £1 = RM 5.8

Study at University in UK

Cost of 3years general degree program = RM 696,000

Estimate Annual Inflation of 3%


RM 935,365


RM 5,112


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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin

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Not only future value of education savings are impacted 10years from today, the retirement saving will largely affecting our spending power with assumption estimate inflation rate of 3%. We may think that we have solid RM500,000 sitting in bank account and assume that we will be covered for entire life span but, what about the spending power of the amount 20years later?. You probably need a value of RM 903,055…! to equate to RM500,000 based on the assumption of annual 3% inflation rate. 

Let’s try understand it…

How Fast Your Money Can Become Less Valuable

Another simplest way to describe inflation, how fast your money can become less valuable. How does inflation affect our perceptions of retirement lifestyle in coming 10-20 years or depends on what age you are right now? In other words, a RM 100 today can purchased less items in grocery store as compared to 10 or 20 years ago! As years progress the RM 100 you have saved depreciated further in value. In a most fundamental way to describe inflation, it erodes your purchasing power!


Inflation as measured by Consumer Price Index (CPI) indirectly reflects the purchasing power of Malaysia’s household consumption.


Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased 3.4 per cent in June 2021 to 123.2 as against 119.1 in the same month of the preceding year

Source: Consumer Price Index Malaysia, June 2021 by Department of Statistics (DOS), Malaysia

What are the actions that you can take to safeguard your hard earned money?

effects-of inflation-ways-to-higher-rate-of-returns-savings-overcome-inflation-increase-double-money-savings-in-kuching-bintulu-miri-kota-kinabalu-selangor-kuala-lumpur-johor-baru-sarawak-malaysia

The important thing here is to realize that saving is not a sacrifice. It’s an opportunity

Grant Sabatier

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Increase Rate of Returns from Money Savings, and Multiply More Money?

Multiply your money saving NOT ONLY save!… Achieving your financial target or goal through your money savings without strategy might be a challenge! and hinders the plan to have a higher rate of returns from money savings. It is almost impossible to achieve your financial target, if you save without multiplying the money savings, in other word, if you only save, and place it in the local saving account to earn extremely low interest rate! hoping it to grow or in the low fixed deposit (FD) rate, perhaps one would take FOREVER! to reach the financial goals. Have you ever thought, how much different your money savings will be, when relying on your saving account interest or low fixed deposit rate versus an alternative ways, risk managed investment, which gives a higher rate of returns!. See below, you will be amazed..


What’s great is if you can do what you want to do in life and associate with who you want to associate in life, and that’s one of the luxuries of life

Warren Buffett

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The Great Magical Power of Compounding

That is a strong statement, yes, it is an effective method to multiply money savings, overcome inflation rate and lead to increase of wealth over times.  But one must choose wisely the platform to multiply saving, depending on the risk appetite and rate of returns ratio. An effective multiplying money savings platform, it must be professionally managed with success proven track record with many risk diversification mechanisms across multiple time horizon, markets.

Take away facts on compounding :-


History dictated that it may have originated in 17th-century Italy, compound interest can be thought of as "interest on interest"


Compounding will make a sum grow at a faster rate than simple interest, which is calculated only on the principal amount


The interest-on-interest effect can generate positive trajectory returns based on the initial principal amount, it has sometimes been referred to as the "miracle of compound interest."

Source: Investopedia, Compound Interest Definition


How Long Does your Money Savings to Double Up Based on an Annualized Rate of Returns?

Thanks to the concept of Rule of 72, which is an easy way to determine how long money placement will take to double given an annualized rate of return. You can do so by dividing 72, by the annualized rate of return, investors will obtain a simple estimate of how many years it will take for the initial money placement to double up. How does it works? For example, the Rule of 72 states that $10,000 invested at an annualized rate of return 9% would take 8 years (72/9 = 8) to grow to $20,000.

Let’s try understand the Rule of 72 below…

how-fast-you-would-like-your-money-to-double-up-with-a higher-rate-of-returns-rule-of-72-in-kuching-miri-bintulu-kota-kinabalu-selangor-kuala-lumpur-johor-baharu-sarawak-malaysia

Let’s Illustrates the Rule of 72 and How Different Rate of Returns Affects the Number of years your Money Savings to become Double?

Let’s us see how many years your savings account with low interest rate or low fixed deposit (FD) rate, will take to double your money amount versus an alternative risk managed investment with a higher rate of returns. See below, you will be amazed..

Make a wild guess below!


How Fast Your Money will Double UP?

Money savings = RM 10,000

**Annual rate of returns of 1.7%

How long does it take for your money to double to become Rm 20,000?

is having to double up your money at a faster speed to reach your saving target a priority action?

wild guess

**assuming a fixed deposit annual rate of return of 1.7%

How Fast Your Money Will Double UP!

**Annual Rate of Returns of 1.7%

the number of years for your money to Double to $20,000

41 years

How Fast Your Money will Double?

Money savings = RM 10,000

**Annual rate of returns of 9%

is having to double up your money at a faster speed to reach your saving target a priority action?

How long does it take for your money to double to become Rm 20,000?

wild guess

**assuming an investment generate annual rate of return of 9%

How Fast Your Money Will Double UP!

**Annual Rate of Returns of 9.0%

the number of years for your money to Double to $20,000

8 years

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case

 Robert G. Allen

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The Sound and Most Fundamental of Ways to Investment

There are many ways to make profit from investment, but the golden rule of investment is one must understand the basic of concepts and nature, how the investment mechanism works! if the profit making mechanism is not making sense and you have no clue of the risks you are going to take, as a result it might also be classified as an indirect scam after all!.

Sure enough it is the best to be calm and patient when come to investment, with the proper financial planning, they are more options with legitimate registered financial institution with good reputation of managed risk & return, I am sure you are willing to explore thru various questions.


Self Discovery Question

  • What am I investing into, what type of assets class or things or technology?
  • How established is the company, whom I will transfer my hard earned money to?
  • How long can my money stay invested?
  • What is the time frame to achieve my financial target?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • What is the realistic rate of return from the investment?
  • How do I get my money back, do I have the flexibility to withdraw or conditional withdrawal?

Many people may want to explore many types of investment, which may gives a higher rate of returns, but at the end of day, they may face with fears whether the investment is legitimate, especially with current state of economic,  many “scammer” is likely to take advantage of people with all excuses and reasons your money should be placed here, let’s explore some unwanted ways of easy ways and empty promises for unrealistic returns. or It says claim a $300,000 unclaimed inheritant, but first pay $30,000! 

Let’s try understand it together!..

SCAM and Extremely Unrealistic High Returns with Zero Basis of Investment Foundation

SCAM or extremely high returns scheme ways to reach your financial goal is indeed common now as the world is heading to an open and rigid environment, where it difficult to trace the legitimacy of the platform. Get a high returns scheme – a illegitimate with extremely high return, a fastest way to riches, you will not even know that you are been scammed, before you even realized it!.

If an organization offer a shocking too good to be true a more that 88% rate of return in the shortest time, promising a multi-fold profit, in couple of weeks with an upfront cash investment into a personal account, if you can weight the practicality and legitimacy of such scheme, and willing to be “scammed” in day light, and if you are willing to lost all your hard earned money savings,  which you have saved, with your “blood  and sweat“  then you can consider to go ahead! but I trust nobody would dare enough to try but still some fail into such promise unintentionally, either you are in crisis or not self-aware because you are too pre occupied with works or life problems.


Know what you own, and know why you own them

Peter Lynch
good-financial-plan-management-private-retirement-early-retirement-income-ways-to-multiply-money-savings-high-growth-trust-fund-returns-in-kuching-miri-sarawak-selangor-kuala-lumpur-kota kinabalu-johor-malaysia

Wondering what will your retirement lifestyle and income will be 10 to 33 years later!, find out many financial solutions that suit every budget in Malaysia and how it may change your retirement life journey forever!… IF you take bold action today, hesitate no more! Don’t miss out the chance…

With a few astounding and good reasonable reasons to invest for a potential higher rate of returns, it perhaps will lead to a better realization in the quest of building up of sufficient pool of money to ready for any objectives or purpose.

High Risk High Return With No Safety Net

Taking Investment Matters Into Own Hand! How Much Can You Get Out of It!

What about taking matters into own hand, the role of multiplying money savings thru a creative way such as stock market, options, and cryptocurrency, which offer great ways to make high returns but you got to be professional well equipped with knowledge for a consistent return year on year, willing to lose thru trial and error, in order to make a high returns from money invested.

Many of us want fast returns and quick multiplication of money savings! but, they soon realized that they have their own passionate job to maintain and to continue to receive stream of income from salary, family to care and manage, whatever platform they ever experimenting over limited time on trying to maximize returns from their savings, may have different outcome versus the expected result. The point is we might as well go with a consistent proven platform to effectively multiply money savings over the long term from the beginning, depending on the save invest placement time horizon, considering the opportunity cost-money lost when a different or reverse outcome is perceived over the time horizon.

  • Consistent returns
  • Professional managed
  • Personalized service & monitoring
  • Risk managed

With safety net, it creates a sense of confident, that you can manage your retirement savings with less of the need to worry. Ya, we can still worry about other life event, children growing up life, what makes us truly fulfilled! How to build and maintain steady money income or second income at this complex time .


I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful

Warren Buffett

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Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm

Winston Churchill

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Critical Components In Investment


“The biggest risk of all is not taking one”


I have showed how money is created thru the power of compounding and the shorter period to double up your money. When we allow to make time our friend, the wealth generation and multiplying money will yield greater result. What about choosing the investing method with risk and returns that suit you? There are many types of platform such as trading platform in stock market, bitcoin, hedge funds, and foreign currency trading platform.  What about the concept of Unit Trust? Is risk diversifications in different global continents of exposure, and multiple assets classes, a critical criteria in creation of a risk managed portfolio, which may resulted in a huge pool of money consolidated and also to overcome inflation.

What are the other ways to have a higher rate of returns? I would love to hear from you the different creative methods to multiply money!

Joseph Loi
AS Private Retirement & Unit Trust Consultant

Finance Technology Blogger

Being an engaging and a passionate next generation contemporary finance technology blogger with my humble background of tertiary education in Finance & Economics, I welcome you and THANK you for being here on this blog page Profound Information presenting money senses, the concept of financial planning and financial independent retire early (F.I.R.E) with the proven record of the projected passive income, paring with regular money withdrawal plan, blending with a powerful action plan coupled with the basic knowledge on the different asset classes in unit trust composition, growth and money management.


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