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Profound Information blog on personal finance provides true value solid practical knowledge in Kuching, Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the millennial on financial planning and money management tips, private retirement and strategic plans for early retirement income and proven ways to multiply savings.

Above all, a solid immeasurable money strategy, basic financial education, the fundamental of trust fund knowledge and risk diversification management, may help leads to a successful accumulation of pool of money finance towards a comfortable retirement for personal life and healthy financial management for the corporate in the long term.

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What We Matter Most is Your Financial Future

Whether it is reaching your many type of financial goal or retirement saving and income, which may be many years to come, it is truly essential to accept the reality that a dollar today may not carry the same value in many years later, welcome to the term – inflation!

Therefore, it is never too early to plan to achieve various financial goal timely and for a fulfil retirement, especially with current trend of early retirement, more and more people have seen adopting it.

Proven Financial Action Plan


Right way of budgeting


Reviewing actual expenditure


Realistic financial goal


Practical targeted savings ratio


Multiply money savings mechanism


Compounding returns simulation customize to individual risk & goal

Dream Retirement Life


Discover your lifestyle


Forecast retirement cost


Explore different type of income


Understand the impact of inflation


Understand the potential of passive retirement income

Mobile Apps Invest Tracking


Explore finance technology platform


Financial goal monitoring


Convenient invest placement


Notification of placement status


Drill in summary report and next action


Analyse trust investment performance and money management tips


What success and proven elements ways that earn extra income of minimum $500. Turn your ideal time into income to overcome rising price economics. Find out the breaking out secret now!

Do Nothing

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good-financial-plan-management-private-retirement-early-retirement-ways-to multiply-money-savings-high-growth-trust-fund-returns-in-kuching-sarawak-malaysia
good-financial-plan-management-private-retirement-early-retirement-ways-to multiply-money-savings-high-growth-trust-fund-returns-in-kuching-sarawak-malaysia
good-financial-plan-management-private-retirement-early-retirement-ways-to multiply-money-savings-high-growth-trust-fund-returns-in-kuching-sarawak-malaysia

Successful investing takes time, discipline, and patience. We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We just have to be more disciplined.

Warren Buffett

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

James Cash Penney

Nobody buys a farm based on whether they think it’s going to rain next year. They buy it because they think it’s a good investment over 10 or 20 years.

Warren Buffett



You’re in good hands

We can provide solid success retirement strategy, begin with the discovery of your lifestyle and forecast your real retirement cost.

We understand how people is constantly occupied with the challenging life, we are willing to explore different type of capital source, forecast future income stream and provides understanding on the concept of lifetime Trust.

We help you to plan for financial future no matter how old you are.

A success finance management in a life journey begins with a dream income goal, reaching toward a realistic financial goal, bridging the distance between dream and realistic through proven solid ACTION!.

In addition, sticking to a golden rule of thumb of saving with targeted saving ratio will put you on the rightful journey of self-mastery of your finance, besides finding the effective mechanism to multiply your savings, indeed a truthful element of an essential financial success begins with a consistent effort that breakout into a new habit.

Towards a comfortable lifestyle is a necessity not an option!

Financial Education & Growth

Joseph Loi

AS Private Retirement & Unit Trust Consultant

Practical Life Knowledge a Win Win Approach in Achieving Financial Success

Thank you for landing yourself on this page of financial blog, it is never a coincident! Growth is an inevitable process that one can chose to accept to the fullest before a New self begins to envelop, leading to a New goal. As part of my university finance knowledge and my experience in business financial management with a humble role of finance controller, which carries a certain degree of finance management exposure, together with my passion to acquire, adapt and evolve in the finance world, in the most complex changing times, I am translating the finance insight which personally experience, to assist the fellow people whom you are eager to learn, understand with in your finance journey in the most simplest way, therefore, unlocking your new self in this precious Time horizon in achieving the lifetime financial planning & retirement income goal. Bravo! Let’s come onboard! 

Save. Invest. Multiply.

Efficient Platform

Low Startup Capital

Full Review

Legal & Safe

High Growth

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.


Henry David Thoreau

Utilize Financial Technology Platform

You cannot run away from technology era such a mobile apps, which is capable of tracking financial goal progress and allow convenient placement of money anywhere, any time and any amount.

Web platform together with financial app, which is able to provide notifications of placement status and handily provides instant report, which can allow you to make fast accurate informed, decisive action.


Have you ever think how you will maintain your current lifestyle during your retirement 10 to 30years later!,  find out many options how to double money savings in Malaysia and how it may impacts your life planning forever!

Largest Trust Funds Selection

Years of Establishment

Lowest Startup Cost

Do average Malaysian have enough Money to Retire with Increase Life Expectancy and Active Ageing Lifestyle?

The Question isn’t at What Age I want to Retire, it’s at what income..

World Bank has taken the Initiative to Endorse for the second Voluntary Pension Plan Scheme to Increase Retirement Saving for Every Average Malaysian.

Public Mutual Private Retirement Scheme managed by established provider brand name Public Mutual Bhd is part of the voluntary pension plan scheme, which is initiated and regulated by Security Exchange Commission Malaysia – SEC, and has greater role to ensure the scheme success for all average Malaysian in building a sustainable retirement saving.

As the Voluntary Pension Plan Scheme is part of the global World Bank initiative, therefore, everyone who is above 18years of age, including foreigner residing in Malaysia can contribute to build your retirement nest, not limited to Employer who has option to contribute on behalf on their employee.


As part of the success journey of the Private Retirement Scheme, government further encouraged and support the Private Retirement Scheme – PRS with tax relief of up to RM 3,000 for individual and special provisions applicable to adjusted income from business under corporate PRS tax relief.

Besides, great benefits in building private retirement pool of saving, it also offer protection for retirement savings from creditors 1 for PRS holder for individual or sole proprietor who take big risk in business venture

1 Money in PRS is protected from creditors as stated in Section 139ZA of the Capital Markets and Services Act (CMSA)



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You Don't Have Be Alone, As We Journey With You In Exploring Ways & Approach that Works For You


Helping You Find & Build Your Financial Success Path

Do you feel like you want to make a change in your financial journey to achieve your financial goal and Retirement Income, but seems like there are many obstacles blocking you and you cannot figure out what you need to act first. Well, you are not alone, it’s all begin with courage, equip yourself with financial knowledge and find your balance, unlock your full potential.


Frequently Asked Questions

whysave invest


more cash


Why is it necessary to save and invest early?

How do we keep up with the changing times? Our financial needs will evolve over time thru the different stage of life. Cultivating the habit of saving and multiply saving, invest early in life can make time work for us, which is essential for the long term financial goal success.

Why choose long term in financial planning and investment?

The great and smart way about starting to budget and invest early is that we have sufficient time on our side to multiply our saving and the best time to take advantage of power of compounding returns to build a larger retirement income or to achieve many financial goals.

How do we manage risk and returns in your investment portfolio?

Is it impossible to totally eliminate risk in the journey of financial investment? There’s go the rule of thumb “not putting all eggs in one basket!”, when putting your hard earn money to work. Explore the different way of diversifications in investment portfolio represents a better risk management to ride thru long term market volatility! To add one more simple justification for the long term strategy in investing in trust fund, it may represent a better risk and return ratio by putting money in saving account or fixed deposit over Trust investment as invested company continue to grow and potentially to generate more earning overtime pushing for higher and higher return in the trust fund portfolio.

What is inflation?

Inflation is defined as a sustained rising prices level in goods and services in an economy over a period of times. Understanding inflation and accepting it, will fine tune our perception and nurturing of new habits of highly effective money management because it affects the money spending power in the future, everyone wants to live with buying and spending as it represent a good cause and above all it is part of joy of life!

How does it affect us as a consumer?

Inflation will lower down the purchasing power of money, thus causing difficulties for people to maintain current living standard or active lifestyle. Besides, having less to spend because of the deprecating value of money over times, it aslo affects the returns of investment and saving placement in saving account and Fixed Deposits. The real returns – “actual return” in layman term of an investment, which is defined as the nominal rate of returns (total rate of return earned before adjusting for any deductions such as investment fee, tax fee) minus the inflation rate.

How can we overcome inflation and what actions can we recommend to take?

There are many ways to overcome inflation, but ONE simple way is to save and formulate appropriate strategy to achieve higher rate of return than inflation rate, consistent with the investment objectives.  To further elaborate it is wise to find an investment strategy or saving placement invest mechanism that can potentially outpace inflation over the long term. Building your saving capital to produce more cash reserve is another way to fight rising inflation trend.

Practical Example

If you have the scenario when you invested in trust fund that yields an 8% rate of return exactly after a year. At the same time, the inflation is 3% over the same period.

Nominal Rate of Return

In this example the nominal rate of return is 8% or the total return not yet considering inflation.

Real Rate of Return

In this scenario the real rate of return is 5% (8% – 3%) which is the rate of return adjusted for inflation. For this simulation your purchasing power has increased by 5%.

Hope that at this stage, you begin to realize that the great benefit to multiply your saving or your fixed deposit placement. If the investments have not overcome the inflation rate over time, then your long term investment goals such as preparing education fund for children, buying a condominium or retirement saving will be significantly be affected since the education, health care and goods can rise faster than the basic inflation rate.  One of the options in order to overcome inflation by a reasonable break away margin, is to consider investing equity in trust fund, bond, money market in one portfolio, taking calculated risks thru the effective portfolio diversification and most importantly know what you are getting into, be educated in risk involved and justification of return expectation.

What is emergency fund?

Emergency funds serve as safety buffer for any unforeseen financial circumstances that we may face in the different stages of life. Having no emergency fund is like living by the cliff! Emergency fund can be utilized, when you have job lay off, when unexpected major car repair, unforeseen medical expense and many more expected event in life. With out the emergency fund you may need to perform high interest loan and credit card financing!

What about Financial Independent Retire Early (FIRE)?

It is everybody dream to retire early! Early retirement has been extremely popular over the past few years and is gaining tractions. The focal point of early retirement is ultimately about striving to be the best financially, it means getting out of debt, saving and multiply the saving with higher rate of return for the future, in order words, having a good realistic financial plan to build a huge financial reserve, so you can build your passion and be passionate with what you want do..

Everyone has many purposes in life?

Everyone has purpose in this life journey. Money is just one of the important commodities you can use to accomplish your goals. Whether your goal is to host a banquet for grand marriage, a big purchase such as a car, for children education, to help other in needs or to leave to a  financial legacy, you cannot run away from saving and concept of compounding interest to multiply saving the exponentially for few folds!.it is indeed possible!

Is my hard earned money savings safe and professionally managed?

Do you rather place your hard earned saving in a quick money making scam that appear to be lawful or in a security commission approved entity that formulate, implement and monitor the investment management policies over and  a legitimate body to safeguard your money.. so you can sleep well and have peace of mind! Well you can judge for yourself!

Do you ever wish your investment to DOUBLE up with an annualized rate of returns?

YES! It is indeed true and possible with the concept of Rule of 72, a popular, quick and useful formula, which is used to estimate the number of years required to double the invested money at a given annual rate of return, harnessing the power of compounding!

Is liquidity a priority when withdrawing the capital and profit after an invested period of time?

As part of important criteria in investment, do you wish to easily withdraw back your profit or capital cost or hard earned saving money? A major concern and consideration has been placed on the ability to easily withdraw the invested saving with ease of mind, anywhere, anytime, thanks to establish finance technology platform operating legally under the guardian of security commission in Malaysia, where fund management company will accept the back the current value with no question ask!


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Know what you own, know why you own it. The biggest risk of all is not taking one.

Peter Lynch

With a good perspective on history, we can have a better understanding of the past and present, and thus a clear vision of the future..

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