True Best value property sales and administration solution company

Top Features value property Sales and Administration Solution Company

Profound Information provides a best top features and value property sales and administration solution in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. A native enterprise mobile Property sale and administration app has been developed for more than 20 years, undergoing extensive practical business process in the property segment. Up to today it covers major important components, such CRM, property booking, property developer, property finance tailor right to the property process, edocument process workflow and sales kit with management control and monitoring.  Keypoint a premier app for resource management app is light weight and can build to fit the client business process in a complete property life-cycle.


Maintaining compliance for a comprehensive for the property financial accounting can be a daunting task, but with an effective and full functionalities property sale and administration software app solution, that work cohesively with the external auditor, it allowed the organisation be compliance with the statutory audit, and with the regulatory.


Building the Future

About KeyPoint

Keypoint software established since 1993, is one of the premier business software applications and evolved as times transcend, to App framework, an engine served as platform solution for all segment of industries business process, such as concrete manufacturing, property developer, construction, material trading, and many more segments in Malaysia. Today, Keypoint enterprise resources planning and business resources Apps has emerged to be one of the market leaders for software application solution, built on the culture of continuous improvement and practical environment, it has grown to become a framework of building blocks app, an engine to propel the avenue of massive industry, oil and gas, plantation and many more industry. 

The software has installations in Asia region to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

KeyPoint RoadRunner Mobile Apps

Cloud base, highly responsive application that operate with low internet bandwidth or off-line option data for anywhere, any time, to make good informed decision

database migrated

Customers track record

years of establishment

complete value property mobile app


KeyPoint Property Solution

Enterprise Resource System

Keypoint Enterprise Resource System solution app, is one of the top and powerfully built Financial Accounting App, and thru the integration with Keypoint Contract Management System App, has truly simplify the way to review variance in quantity or amount by project, contracts, retention, BOM, project costing and tracking of the property development stage by percentage completion with other efficientcy management features.

Property Management

Keypoint Property Management system mobile App is one of the most established property management systems, which featured the most comprehensive property management life cycle, which includes modules, Property Management, Defects Management, Facilities Management and Residence Management such as community portal, accessible thru RoadRunner Mobile App by customer, including drill down to transaction details, document attachment and notifications.

Property Developer System

Keypoint Property Developer system app, property sales and administration solution, is able to manage sales process such as lead registration, real time booking, and commission fee. It can efficiently track construction process such as construction inspection (QLASSIC), defects in pre and post delivery stage, inclusive of defects joint inspection, perform in “off–line” environment. With the support of systematic track thru Ticketing Inquiry and Issues, every event is recorded.  What about the financial transaction being handled, we got you covered. Sales Collection and Receipt works in off line situation and synchronizes to the cloud accounting when online.

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How Can We Help ?

Cost benefit of property business process digitization thru mobile app platform may be difficult to see, but in reality it will actually save company money. Once the business process is digitized, the transformation and cost savings continue, as teams collaboration will improve productivity and removing inefficiencies and automating manual steps in the process.


Mobile Sales 

Property Admin

Client Engagement

Site Inspection

Resource Planning App

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innovative transformation


Underlying Characteristics in the Reinventing of Technology

Solution can be Scaled

The property solution can be scaled to meet company’s required needs and budget, or when there is an increase in business activities and expansion.

Property Industry Insight

Our extensive property industry knowledge of financial accounting adopted by large corporation increase value for the organisation resulted in beyond efficiency

Cloud Framework

Computer server, database & operating system are not required, resulted in zero hardware & maintenance cost, except option to host own server.

Database Migration

Migration of financial data from old system to new comprehensive property financial accounting system is seamless, inclusive of operation internal process analysis.


Mobile App Plateform

Revolutionary self-service financial accounting system, a ERP system that improves system flow with designated control. Historical accounting records can also be accessible via mobile devices, including drill down to transaction details and document attachment.


The level of support or services can be can be scaled based on the expansion in your development project operation and when required, that way your budget will be under control.

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KeyPoint RoadRunner Mobile Apps

A Native Mobile App that seamlessly integrate real time with KeyPoint ERP System or manage stand alone financial and industry field activities.

shaping the future

Light Weight and Optimized for High Speed Data Access

Mobile Apps Technology

Responsive native iOS, Android & Windows Mobile Apps with off line option

Engine design for future mobile App requirement

No web browser and related web page rendering, not hybrid App and no remote access server to application

Mobile App with off line feature

Off line option with high configurable mobile app for remote project site without line

continuous transformation

Highly Configurable Mobile Apps for Greater Control

Built with powerful functionality and real-time data for anywhere, any time, paperless and make good informed decisions

Defects managment and construction inspection (QLASSIC)

Collection and receipt off line

Work request and order status

Facility booking

Purchase requisition for material, laborer or equipment at construction site synchronized to office accounting


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Why Agile Workforce is Critical Now!

Reignite Momentum

Success Framework

Flexible Wide Inclusive

Mobile Office Operation

app that can be customized

Property Developer System App

The nature and intensity of a property development often compels the constant updating of information such as property sales, billing and collection, from launching to completion of project and phase, to achieve the best possible outcome successfully. With winning feature of Keypoint Property Developer System App, property developer can handle and thrive under intense pressure, as it allows analysis to be performed in real time, lead to more informed decision, overcoming uncertainty to a certain degree and able to retrieve project information in speedy manner.

Mobile Sales Management

  • Salesman commission and Sales Agent management
  • Lead registration and followup
  • Sales kit management
  • Property reservation and real time booking
  • Prospective Buyer
  • Sales performance
  • Property information and availability


Property Sales Administration

  • Project Insight
  • Statement of Account
  • Payment gateway
  • Loan offer & approval
  • SPA signing
  • Diary tracking SPA Signing and loan draw down
  • Architect certification and progress Billing
  • Accounts receivable 
  • Redemption

Customer Engagement

  • Ticketing Inquiry and Issues
  • Vacant procession release
  • Defects Management with off line function
  • Defects post delivery
  • Feedback
  • Marketing message
  • eBilling and eStatement
  • eReminder
  • Account summary realtime

Construction Site Inspection

  • Construction inspection (QLASSIC)
  • Defects joint inspection
  • Assign and update to contractor
  • Defects pre delivery
  • Unit layout marking to track defects list and photo shap shot
  • HOVP meter reading by photo
  • Defect status summary, listing, and statistic
high-performance-processor-latest-robust-IoT-concrete-batching-plant-systems-manual-log-add-material-complete-manufacturing-plant-operation-mobile-app-invoicing-procurement-raw-material-discharge-setting-to-sequence-for-each-raw-material-by-stage-time-weight- in-kuching-sarawak-malaysia

Experience the first IoT high performance processor, latest in small control system dual screen concrete batching plant systems, and mobile app process “break thru” to deliver superb business value

true control and management EFFICIENCY


Keypoint ERP App

A solution that simplify all type of complex business, construction and property, trading, all industry platform

Development cost

Project development common cost can be apportioned to project, phase, building type, land, built-up area and gross development value

Profit calculation

Project development profit calculation automated for incurred development cost method or by completion method

Consolidation Company

Consolidation code for group of multiple companies’ accounts and adjustment with multiple level of analysis by companies

Accounting synchronization

Automated reconciliation functions with modules Property Developer System, Tenancy & Property Management System, Contract Management System, and concrete batching plants 

Measurement of Success

Frequent measurement, cash flow analysis, employee productivity, time saving, internal processes cycle analysis, responsibility, staff task plan tracking, performance goal, customer experience 

Procurement Module

Purchase request workflow, cross match to procurement budget, bid comparison report, purchase order, good received notes, bar code for goods received link to Asset management

tendering wip

Manage tender invitation with submitted pdf or excel format and tender submission with time stamp thru app. Handle analysis tender review, recommedation of vendor and notification of tender letter of award in app

project site management

Manage material, labour equipment request with bugget variance visiblity, QC in goods receiving.  Monitor projects’ staff attendance & claim. Extended, overnight construction work approval workflow.

Construction EDMS

Handle complex authority document submission workflow. Collaborate design & construction drawing with version control by consultants. Approval workflow for report NCR, CPC by architect, consultants, M&E engineer

Major Mobile Apps Technology Responsive native iOS, Android & Windows Mobile Apps

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KeyPoint Software, the Cornerstone of Property Industry

Nothing great is ever achieved without enduring much, the future starts today, not tomorrow


Who We Are

We are an organisation revitalised the way of life, transforming the experience thru fundamental knowledge value, leveraging in technology, in creating a greater and new image of society.   

Joseph loi

Joseph loi

Strategy & Marketing

Being collaborative, flexible, and user-focused, the principle of agile framework that is a raging heart in modern architecture, that can make a company successfully leap into a recurring pattern of success in the journey of digitization. Experience shows that the leading influential force that move up the power curve is in fact a step up–function improvement in productivity thru a chain of bold, courageous initiatives, in a multiple interconnected functional pillars that reinforce each other, therefore create thrusts that cumulatively propel continuously change.


Journey of Transformation


World-Class Productivity


Keypoint ERP system with RoadRunner Mobile Apps, one of the true value application that combine the financial management, construction management, property development and management together with the powerful functionality of native mobile application transforms the way property and construction being managed.

quality assurance

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9/5 Premium Support

All our solution is back up by many years of experience support consultants, who has been in the company for more than 10 years. Best of all we provide response to “how to” posted by client who has engaged with us.

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We love what we do and to serve you is our delight. Our team of consultants helps to provide knowledge and commitment, which our company is built on, strong experience couple with strong technology foundation.

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