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Effective property management system App that resolve and restructure top daily issue

ProfoundInformation provides an efficient and true value property management system app in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Proven with many successful track record, a mobile Apps that truly created value in an agile organisation deliver proven result, reduce labour cost and maximize the business process productivity, increase organisation efficiency and transform organisation into a creative and innovative entity. Besides, the property management system has help many property company in managing their commercial project successfully with proven time saving, converting to cost saving and lead to a strong collaboration resulted in a greater achievement toward a organisation goal.



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How does a Property Management System App increase Value to the Organization ?

Synchronisation produces True collaboration like the Sun radiates immeasurable energy.

Intelligent Decision Making
  1. Intelligent Insight Analysis Operation

Having access to property management financial report anywhere, anytime such as profit and loss, property maintenance cost, property unit availability and other critical contract information, which is exhilarating, increase visibility thus give true competitive edge.

Full Work Order Process Insight
  1. Status of Work Order with Building Layout

The ability to have status with information on various type of work order and contractor job stages can determine winning and losing of each stake for organisation that focus on excellence. Tracking of defective workmanship with building layout visual mark is an added advantage.

Real Time Data Thru Mobility App
  1. Positive Trajectory for Owner Stake Advantage

Given the owner right to access relevant property information thru mobile app with notification in various matter and payment gateway link to cloud financial accounting, can ease duplicate data entry for company and putting owner in a state of feeling easy in doing it.

Digital Floor Layout Plan Interactive Request for Inspection marked on Layout picture in Mobile App


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Our solution values

The Combination of Technology, Financial Accounting and Industry Experience give rise to the ultimate One Property ERP System and One Mobile App

Moving forward in line to the next wave of property management, with the industry undergoing technology disruption and software market  reinvents itself due to growth. More importantly, the way we manage resources in organisations has gone thru rationale change, drive massive technological change such as the combination of cloud and mobile, and  the greater use analytics.

efficient-property -management-system-mobile-app-in-kuching-Malaysia
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KeyPoint Software, the Cornerstone of Property Industry

A software that built to gives meaning to each stage of the process, made for greatness


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Global Technology Disruption

Next Wave of Technology Plateform for Property Management System


Engagement Experience

Major shift in the people management market is a new understanding that feedback and always-on engagement measurement are critical to business success.

Underlying Designs

Our extensive experience of process flow pertaining to finance, cost and expenses management tracking, project location for property accumulated over years, together in the shift in evolution of technologies.

Cloud and Mobility

Mobile App is not just a “rehosting” of a cloud app. It is an entirely different experience designed in a different way. This plate-form envision a complete self service App that consolidate to a cloud-based ERP systems

Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining compliance for a comprehensive property financial accounting can be a daunting task, software that working cohesive with external auditor and complied with statutory audit put it the organisation in safe hand.

People Oriented

Technology that reinventing how people work, creating team-based tools for organisation goal alignment and putting in place systems to provide feedback that are engaging, useful, and productivity-oriented.


Revolution Culture

Leading companies are now reinventing the way they manage and measure business performance, creating a more agile approach built around periodic check, shared goals that are developed from the bottom up and transparent to the entire team and regular developmental feedback.


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KeyPoint RoadRunner Mobile Apps

A Native Mobile App that seamlessly integrate real time with KeyPoint ERP System or manage stand alone financial and field activities


A Mobile App Company

It is our rich experience that we have undergone with the loyal community that give the true meaning of our works, leading to the continuous development of App solution that transforms the way we undergone the challenges in this work space.

What We Offer

Strategy & Roadmap


Analyse & Processflow Design




launch & Monitor


What We Build For



Payment Gateway

Asset Managment


Community portal




dashboard kpi


native mobile app

Resources Management Mobile Apps Build For Process Automation for All Industry 

The best productivity business apps is to keep your life flow smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need to get in touch with colleagues to update them on your work progress or sign and return a document ASAP.  The best productivity apps help you get it done and in a way that’s ideal to the mobile environment. When the activity and resources can be track, then this would allow us to perform analysis and ability to make informed decision anywhere anytime. Best of all, our task is to perform task that we are truly good at producing in our industry space of business entrepreneurship. 

Sales Kit, Marketing Kit, CRM, Bus Intelligent

Dashboard Business Performance KPI

Collaboration, Engagement, Operation Workflow

Estate Plantation Management & Resources Tracking


best property system that automates task

Property Management System App

Driven by huge culture change in people world wide, the shift from the present to a greater need of efficiency has created the explosion in finding the types of technology used.

Property Accounting

  • Generate bill
  • Cloud Accounting
  • Notification, reminder in mobile App, and email
  • Statement of accounts with outstanding
  • Payment gateway with real time account information
  • Owner registration and information update profile
  • Reminder letter
  • Cashflow, profit & loss, and balance sheet

Property Business Intelligence Report

  • Report ranging from profit and loss in real time, building maintenance cost and account aging in mobile App
  • Contractor performance
  • Building contract status and availability
  • Key performance index for highest quality result
  • Works quality in relation to contractor
  • Constructive feedback
  • Handover vacant possession and defects management App with defect status summary and listing for analysis of material

Facility Management

  • Work request and inspection
  • Building layout marking
  • Work scheduling
  • Work completion update
  • Acceptance eSigning
  • Workflow to support required work process transactions such as procurement or transactions deem critical at certain stage
  • Provides visibility for the overview internal process in an organisation.
  • Greater quality collaboration lead to good productivity
  • Asset management – tracking asset at different locations

Residential Management App

  • Visitor Management System
  • Guest Pre-Registration, approval and walk-in guest notification
  • AGM Minutes & Management report
  • Parcel notification
  • Community Amenities reservation, feedback, notice board and online forms
  • Personnel on duty to contact
  • Maintenance – Inspection request & tracking
  • Billing notification, online statement and online payment portal
  • Request for Service and status

Pre – Post Delivery And Handover Vacant Possession Mobile App


Who are the user

Customer Reference

ERP | Construction

Glomac Bina Sdn

Crenscendor Construction Sdn Bhd

UEMSunrise Land Berhad

Tropicana Berhad

Property Management

Mid Valley Signature Office

Gamuda Walk

Suria Residence

Dream City

Property Developer

Gamuda Land Berhad

Malton Berhad

Perdana Parkcity Sdn Bhd

Saradise Sdn Bhd

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You can hardly go wrong with the software logic flow being utilised by more than  600 organisations in the industry !!!

Who We Are

We are an organisation revitalised the way of life, transforming the experience thru fundamental knowledge value, leveraging in technology, in creating a greater and new image of society.   

Joseph loi

Joseph loi

Strategy & Marketing

Being collaborative, flexible, and user-focused, the principle of agile framework that is a raging heart in modern architecture, that can make a company successfully leap into a recurring pattern of success in the journey of digitization. Experience shows that the leading influential force that move up the power curve is in fact a step up–function improvement in productivity thru a chain of bold, courageous initiatives, in a multiple interconnected functional pillars that reinforce each other, therefore create thrusts that cumulatively propel continuously change.

quality assurance

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9/5 Premium Support

All our solution is back up by many years of experience support consultants, who has been in the company for more than 10 years. Best of all we provide response to “how to” posted by client who has engaged with us.

Bank of Resources

We love what we do and to serve you is our delight. Our team of consultants helps to provide knowledge and commitment, which our company is built on, strong experience couple with strong technology foundation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the solution highly modular, flexible and user friendly?
One can get started with any one module and expand as business activities increase. Any one who use any phone will know how to operate the property software app.
Is the migration of database from our existing system created complication?

We completed more than 100+ companies data migration and it can range from master file to detail transaction seamlessly.

Do you provide requirement finding at $0 cost?
Let us know how we can get you started, which stage of process giving you pain. We are here to help.
Do you provide flexible payment option?
Yes, our solution give you option and flexibility in payment, depend on what you need. We still provide option to own the software depend on your organisation’s policy.
Do you provide on going hand-holding after the completion of implementation?
Helping our customer is the highest priority, we journey with client and grow with your organisation.We are most delighted to see you experience success!!!
Do you ever need to purchase license for the solution?
You do not need to own software and maintain hardware server, operating system and software maintenance cost.You subscribe based on what you need.

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